Super Bowl 51 - Top Homegating Decorating Ideas

By Stacy Ewing
February 4, 2017 Current Projects
When Stacy Ewing of Stacy Ewing Interiors was asked, “how do you create the best atmosphere in your home for the ultimate Super Bowl Party or homegating experience?” Stacy's response was, “keep it SIMPLE, like Betty Crocker.”
The original homemade cake recipe involved too much time, too many ingredients, people were struggling in the 1930's and just needed a darn cake on the table for desert. So, an alchemist came up with the perfect wonderful magical powdery stuff that by later adding a couple fresh eggs, vegetable oil and water (miraculously) you have the perfect cake baked within under an hour!
So what's my SIMPLE semi homemade recipe for the ultimate homegating or Super Bowl experience that will even impress my friends that lounge around all day looking at images on DIY or watching HGTV! I'll say it time and time again, from the curb, to your front door, to the entryway, to the TV Room and kitchen survey the land and incorporate your teams colors! When your guests arrive you want to make a huge impact and make it look like they are arriving to a football party.

After you've surveyed the land make a list of what you need. This will help you stay focused in the land of too many ideas and stuff to buy at TARGET, PARTY AMERICA or your local craft store.

Here's My List:
Party America—Super Bowl Party Pack, NFL endorsed ribbon, pennant flags, yard flags, balloons.
Target—Sofa pillows in my team colors (anything with a pattern is popular from chevron, herringbone, hounds tooth or Ikat). Throw blankets in my team color and one NFL endorsed team blanket. Chalkboard sign to welcome guests by front door and table top one for Super Bowl Menu.
Michael's or Hobby Lobby—Candles in my team colors and tulle.
Lowe's or Home Depot—Light bulbs in my team colors

When I get home I go straight to work!

Outside: Switch out light bulbs to the exterior of my home, hang pennant flags to my wreaths and ribbons. Place my yard flags from the curb up my driveway spacing them out. Switching out the candles in my lanterns perched by the front door with my team colors and adding NFL ribbons to the handles. Place Chalkboard sign by front door welcoming guests to the Super Bowl Party.

Entryway: throw down my chalk paint by Annie Sloan cowhide I did in my teams colors under my round pedestal table. Switch out candles in my entryway with team color candles. Line my banister rail with tulle in team color with some balloon and ribbon.

In the TV Room switch out main sofa pillows with my new geometric patterned pillow in team colors. Place my main NFL team blanket on main sofa or focal point then add throw blankets in team color around on chairs etc.

Kitchen: decorate chandelier with more tulle and ribbons in team colors, hang banner that came with my Super Bowl party kit above the drink station. Set out my NFL endorsed party plates, napkins, and glasses on buffet. Set out table top chalkboard sign with menu written on it.

Have Fun it's a PARTY and remember KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!