Sophisticated & Rustic, Custom Paint Treatments

By Stacy Ewing
August 30, 2013 Current Projects
Client's complain, "my home feels empty and colorless."  Sometimes it's just the custom painting details and trim that can help fill the space.

In order to bring out the sophistication, yet keeping the rustic balance in this parade home in Utah, Stacy Ewing Interiors painter, Ronny quickly put her magic paint brush to work.  While being professionally trained in Europe Ronny does custom painting treatments the best.  

Whether your modern, eclectic or traditional by adding layers of color and custom painting treatments to coeffered ceilings in foyers, fine dining rooms, basements (usually above living spaces or pool tables), master bedroom suites you can easily and inexpensively enhance your look. 

So what are you waiting for contact today for your custom quote.