Painted Kitchen Islands

By Stacy Ewing
August 28, 2013 Current Projects

D.I.Y. or Let the Experts Paint your Kitchen Island?

Is your kitchen lacking color?  One way to create the most impact while establishing balance between modern and rustic design is by painting your Kitchen Island in one of your favorite colors!   Once you've decided a color one of my most commonly asked questions is how much it'll cost to do it themselves vs hire a professional. 


Personally, my firm has rescued several D.I.Y. projects that have gone wrong!  With several new paints HOT on the market that state you'll get this look are kidding you.  In some cases it may work well, if your aspiring for a flat matte finish but to achieve this look it takes a little more than just a paint brush.  So, if you are like many of my clients I've rescued, PLEASE leave it to Stacy Ewing Interiors Design Firm's, Ronny's Kitchen Islands to do the HEAVY lifting to acheive this look.  It's way more technical than it appears.

Some quotes from other firms to do this island ranged upward to $2500, OUR PRICE $950.00!  This price included all time and materials.  Now, we have another happy client!

Call us today at, 303.840.1688 and we'll come out and evaluate your project, are always happy to assist you!