Challenging Space, Meets Modern, French, Elegant Design

By Stacy Ewing
September 1, 2013 Current Projects
Challenging Space meets Modern, French, Elegant Design!

When Stacy Ewing's client's contacted her.  They were staring at stark white walls and ceiling, builder spec (Home Depot) Chandelier, awkward windows.  Now, we are looking at this amazing Modern, French, Elegant design.

What We Did: WIth the collaboration of Stacy Ewing's entire team, "we went quickly to work" stated Ewing.   "By adding color to the walls, custom painting finish to the coeffered, circular ceilng area (all the while repairing the imperfection to the bullnose), designed and constructed the custom window treatments, had my friend French Artist custom hand make the chandeliers and floor lamp in foyer and master bedroom sitting area.  Also, I carefully kept the modern balance of this the french/elegant design by designing and making the geometric closing panels in the master bedroom (with blackout lining).   Basically had to be careful to leave no detail unnoticed!"

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