Super Bowl 51 - Top Homegating Decorating Ideas

By Stacy Ewing
February 4, 2017 Current Projects
When Stacy Ewing of Stacy Ewing Interiors was asked, “how do you create the best atmosphere in your home for the ultimate Super Bowl Party or homegating experience?” Stacy's response was, “keep it SIMPLE, like Betty Crocker.”
The original homemade cake recipe involved too much time, too many ingredients, people were struggling in the 1930's and just needed a darn cake on the table for desert. So, an alchemist came up with the perfect wonderful magical powdery stuff that by later adding a couple fresh eggs, vegetable oil and water (miraculously) you have the perfect cake baked within under an hour!

Super Bowl Design Tips for Big Impact

By Stacy Ewing
January 30, 2014 Current Projects
First Impression - Everything!  D.I.Y. Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan Cowhide Rug.
Why Chalk Paint By Annie Sloan on my most recent project, Design Tips for The Super Bowl for Homgating  Network, NFL FEMALE & BLOG Talk Radio's National Program?  

No brainer, I have been known as the expert on creating MAN CAVE Spaces and Funk It Up Designer and challenged to create something FUN and OUT OF THE BOX for my clients.  This time for the NFL FEMALE!  So when my Hometown Team, Denver BRONCOS made it to the SUPER BOWL and since I have an extreme PASSION for cowhides, I wanted to help the NFL FEMALE make a huge impact when their guests arrive thru the front door at their XLVIII SUPER BOWL PARTY!  So what would be better then a NFL themed Chalk Paint, By Annie Sloan cowhide under a round, traditional yet refined pedestal table!  

Challenging Space, Meets Modern, French, Elegant Design

By Stacy Ewing
September 1, 2013 Current Projects
Challenging Space meets Modern, French, Elegant Design!

When Stacy Ewing's client's contacted her.  They were staring at stark white walls and ceiling, builder spec (Home Depot) Chandelier, awkward windows.  Now, we are looking at this amazing Modern, French, Elegant design.

What We Did: WIth the collaboration of Stacy Ewing's entire team, "we went quickly to work" stated Ewing.   "By adding color to the walls, custom painting finish to the coeffered, circular ceilng area (all the while repairing the imperfection to the bullnose), designed and constructed the custom window treatments, had my friend French Artist custom hand make the chandeliers and floor lamp in foyer and master bedroom sitting area.  Also, I carefully kept the modern balance of this the french/elegant design by designing and making the geometric closing panels in the master bedroom (with blackout lining).   Basically had to be careful to leave no detail unnoticed!"


Alternative Window Treatments, Save Your Mountain View

By Stacy Ewing
September 1, 2013 Current Projects
At Stacy Ewing Interiors we provide our client's with the highest quality in window treatments.  Today we are being asked by more and more clients to undress their heavy windows and enhance the exhisting architecture within their homes with lighter window treatments. 
Panels work well in any homes environment whether modern, traditional or refined.  Panels serve as a luxurious, affordable and alternative way to save your beautiful mountian views.  Need I say more???

Unusual Surfaces for BIG IMPACT

By Stacy Ewing
August 31, 2013 Current Projects

At Stacy Ewing Interiors we are always looking to enhance our client's homes with unusual surfaces.  One of my favorites is our reclaimed Colorado Barnw Wood Tiles.  Our tiles are like nothing else - able to add instant beauty and dimension to any space along with a compelling story about the heritage of each piece. 



Our wood wall tiles are made from repurposed barnwood materials, which make them extremely environmentally friendly.  While adding such beauty and character to any surfaces like walls in foyers, alcoves, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, offices, backsplashes, ceilings and artwork.   I really enjoyed using them as a border trim in the Modern, Rustic, yet elegant Wine Grotto my team and I specially designed for our client's in the Back Country, CO.


Sophisticated & Rustic, Custom Paint Treatments

By Stacy Ewing
August 30, 2013 Current Projects
Client's complain, "my home feels empty and colorless."  Sometimes it's just the custom painting details and trim that can help fill the space.

In order to bring out the sophistication, yet keeping the rustic balance in this parade home in Utah, Stacy Ewing Interiors painter, Ronny quickly put her magic paint brush to work.  While being professionally trained in Europe Ronny does custom painting treatments the best.  

Whether your modern, eclectic or traditional by adding layers of color and custom painting treatments to coeffered ceilings in foyers, fine dining rooms, basements (usually above living spaces or pool tables), master bedroom suites you can easily and inexpensively enhance your look. 


Painted Kitchen Islands

By Stacy Ewing
August 28, 2013 Current Projects

D.I.Y. or Let the Experts Paint your Kitchen Island?

Is your kitchen lacking color?  One way to create the most impact while establishing balance between modern and rustic design is by painting your Kitchen Island in one of your favorite colors!   Once you've decided a color one of my most commonly asked questions is how much it'll cost to do it themselves vs hire a professional. 


Personally, my firm has rescued several D.I.Y. projects that have gone wrong!  With several new paints HOT on the market that state you'll get this look are kidding you.  In some cases it may work well, if your aspiring for a flat matte finish but to achieve this look it takes a little more than just a paint brush.  So, if you are like many of my clients I've rescued, PLEASE leave it to Stacy Ewing Interiors Design Firm's, Ronny's Kitchen Islands to do the HEAVY lifting to acheive this look.  It's way more technical than it appears.

Some quotes from other firms to do this island ranged upward to $2500, OUR PRICE $950.00!  This price included all time and materials.  Now, we have another happy client!


Opulence in Oxford Peak

By Stacy Ewing
August 23, 2013 Current Projects
A large traditional home nestled in the pines of the exclusive gated community of Castle Pines Village. The brief was to take the house beyond traditional and imbue it with a modern Arts and Crafts flair.
The clean lines and simplicity of modern Arts and Crafts style. My clients love of photography was also a big inspiration and we incorporated their beautiful images throughout the house.