Sparrow Point Way, Morrison, Colorado

""Stacy is great! She is very knowledgeable and has great ideas. She stayed on budget, and the job was done in a very timely manner. She is a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend her highly." "
~ Karen Pumphrey-Hammersmith


A Maverick Interior Designer meets her match in this truly beautifully architectured custom home in Morrison, Colorado. Their relationship started nearly 5 years ago when the hi-powered entrepreneur and owner of Hammersmith Management Inc, Karen Pumphrey-Hammersmith first stepped into Stacy's first design studio/retail store nestled in the Villages of Parker in Parker, Colorado. Stacy introduced Hammersmith to a world of accessories and design she had never seen before and fell in love with the complexity, rustic yet extremely refined and sophisticated designs like: Bella, Jan Barboglio, Gracious Goods and naturally VIETRI! Hammersmith immediately fell in love and gathered her inspiration(s) to design and build her dream home in Morrison, Colorado. Once the home was constructed, Karen went quickly to work by using everything she learned and purchased from Stacy Ewing Interiors stores, Colorado Villa De Cor fell into place. Most recently the Hammersmith's have asked Stacy to continue to design and add some finishing touches to the home after the sudden and tragic death of their architect/builder. Stacy Ewing is quite pleased to be working with this amazing couple again!

The Client

Who would have known that when 2 competitors like John Hammersmith and Karen Pumphrey would meet that they would combine their companies and become one? Undeniably that's what happened and now operating under one roof, one marriage the Hammersmith's have become true leaders within the management community. Providing a full range of management services for Condominiums, Single Family Homes, Townhomes, High- Rises, Large Scale, Commercial, Mixed Use, and Metro District Associations. Now, it's not all work and no play for the Hammersmith's. As the saying goes, "Work Hard/Play Hard!" The Hammersmith's have a true passion for their custom built home in Morrison, CO and enjoy spending time sipping on fine wine while they enjoy their amazing mountain views. They also enjoy traveling with their kids, family and good friends around the world!

Project Inspiration

This project inspiration point for Hammersmith was the iron and stone detailing. To fill her home with high quality design that would match the homes superb architecture!

What We Did

While working with the existing color schemes and architecture of the home Stacy offered incredible high fashion and design lines that Karen Hammersmith could build upon to create the ULTIMATE Traditional, Refined Mountain Home. Stacy Ewing Interiors is in process of turning up the charm in Hammersmith's home with custom painting finishes and other miscellaneous home enhancement coaching. We'll see where this leads us...


What We Love

  • Jan Barboglio throughout.  The Rustic iron and glass accents adds a rustic, eclectic appeal!
  • Bella offers rustic charm while adding refinement to the kitchen and foyer areas!
  • Stacy Ewing's custom florals throughout the home adds color, depth and texture to liven up areas!