East Glasgow Circle, CO

"Stacy Ewing was fast, professional and extremely knowledgeable about the "latest" and "hottest" colors and design techniques. "
~ The Bass Family


Fresh and colorful was the best way to describe my clients. Shortly after purchasing their home in Colorado they knew it'd only be for a short while. The demands of her husband's executive career would force them to eventually move back to Cali. So, in the meantime I assisted them with turning this beautiful and sophisticated Country, Stone House into their colorful haven until they would move again.

The Client

Mr. B serves as a well respected executive in his company and Mrs. B is very busy raising their family. By nightfall this well traveled couple enjoys each others good company and their children.

Project Inspiration

Selecting the right color palette to appeal to my clients who lived in the home, but to appeal to future buyers.

What We Did

Selecting the right colors to keep my client from feeling like they were lacking color, but to balance new and hot color choices to attract future buyers was extremely important. When your painting an entire home this size the cost can be significant enough that when you turn around to sell within a year or 2 the last thing you want to hear is "repaint." So, after convincing my clients to stick to 3 main color themes throughout the home the rest fell in place. The colors we chose were a sea foam green throughout the main living areas, Metallic Bronzes and Chocolates in the dining room to add a little more drama and to keep things bright and cheerful in the kitchen we applied hues of yellows and gold tones! We also added some custom painting finishes to jazz up the Wine Cellar by applying a custom painting finish to the wall that created a look that the walls had aged over time. In the basement we kept the walls neutral in color, but repainted the custom bookshelves to a Walnut Glaze to appeal to the Tuscan/Country/Mountain Chic feel.


What We Love

  • Custom Made Ballooning, Pinch-Pleat Panels in the Dining Room
  • Custom Painting Finish to the Coeffered Ceiling in Dining Room in Metallic Bronze
  • Custom Painting Finish in Butler's Pantry and on the Coeffered Celing Area in Kitchen
  • Crackled Antiqued Custom Painting Finish in the Wine Cellar to make the walls resemble like their hundreds of years old